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A small, family - run, hobby breeding cattery having membership of GCCF cat registry. All kittens are registered with the prefix FELISISSIMUS. I breed for health, temperament and conformation.

The welfare of my cats is central to what I do at the cattery. Every cat living and raised here have a huge place in our familys'hearts.

Siberian Cat Wales is set in the  Heritage Town of Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales. The cattery is situated close to the major visitor attractions of Cardiff, Caerphilly Castle and Castell Coch in the South and the impressive rural landscapes of Brecon Beacons to the North of us. The temperate climate here in South Wales, mirrors the climate of St Petersburg , Russia , where some of my Traditional Siberian breeding cats were born and raised as young kittens..

I have always loved animals.I was particularly drawn to family cats with a passion. Cats just fascinated me a child and I realised quickly how owning one, could have therapeutic benefit to my life. I was totally intrigued with their behaviour and this has stuck with me ever since.

I have a science background at higher education level in biological based sciences and technology. I also have good general knowledge of genetics. This, coupled with working knowledge of advanced hygiene practices in the food industry, has undoubtedly put me in good stead for the running of a healthy and happy breeding cattery, free from known illness and disease.

My cat breeding started in 2010 with the RagaMuffin breed, having imported cats from original lineage from the USA. In January 2014, I decided that the main aim of my cattery was to provide life - enriching soulmates for people with Hypoallergenic Qualities found in Traditional, Siberian cats and kittens. I then established Siberian Cat Wales.

Siberian Cat Wales is the first officially established hobby breeding cattery in Wales, specialising in breeding and protecting the Traditional Siberian Cat.We have experience in importing unique lines into my cattery to ensure we maintain high standards of kitten quality for you. All our breeding stock have ancestry from Russia.

Since establishing in January 2014, I have become a Breeder Member of the Siberian Cat Club, here in the UK.

Best Wishes,


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From time to time Siberian Cat Wales will have Traditional Siberian kittens or older cats available to Pet homes in the UK




Kittens are generally registered as Not For Breeding and are for pet homes where both owner and cat lives are enriched.

Terms and Conditions.

Kittens will be registered with TICA Cat Registry and will leave our cattery at the age of 13 weeks old at the earliest.


Please note that we reserve the right to delay a kitten leaving if either our registered vet or SIBERIAN CAT WALES feel it is within the kittens best interests. Some kittens mature more slowly than others and we kindly ask that allowances are made by prospective purchasers.

Kittens will be vet checked at the earliest, 9 and 12/13 weeks of age, fully vaccinated and  receive precautionary full worm / parasitic treatments. 

We fully vaccinate our kittens to ensure they are Fully protected in the event that they should escape from their new indoor home. Cats are covered for the following diseases: Panleukopenia, Feline herpes virus, Calicivirus, Chlamydophila felis and Feline Leukaemia Virus.

Kittens leave here micro-chipped and to the best knowledge of us, free from illness and defect.

We provide a 72 hour health guarantee on all our kittens. If a kitten is deemed unwell during the first 72 hours since leaving our cattery, and providing the kitten has not been in contact with other animals, allowed outdoors and in the documented absence from a regsitered vet health screening of the said kitten as being physically harmed or poisoned, the kitten should be returned to us for either a refund or an alternative kitten, whichever is available at the time. There will be no recourse after 72 hours has elapsed.

The registration transfer of ownership documentation will be forwarded to the new owner upon receipt of documented proof of neutering / spaying unless the kitten has been neutered prior to homing where the said documentation will be supplied at the time the kitten leaves us unless there is a delay from the registry and the documentation will be forwarded on immediately on receipt from the registry.

Please note:  All kittens that  leave to Allergy homes, the new owners will be required to sign a our Allergy disclaimer form which can be downloaded from our website on the 'allergy sitting 'page. 

We are happy to offer allergy testing with our siberian kittens. If a kitten is taken to their new home after any allergy sitting has been conducted, and the new owners have a delayed reaction to the kitten, the kitten must be returned to us unless it is agreed that the kitten is rehomed to a suitable home elsewhere.

Please note that under these circumstances any deposits to reserve the kitten and the purchase fee paid to us will not be refundable to the vendor of of the said kitten.

We accept no liability if there is a Failure to disclose any known cat allergies from the vendor or vendors family prior to the kitten being homed by them.


Kittens will receive the following:

  • Total enhanced Vaccination and booster (9 and 12 wks approx)
  • Precautionary parasitic treatments (Broadline)
  • Tracer advance / Petlog Microchip
  • Registration Documentation of your kitten - subject to terms in the kitten purchase contract.
  • Vaccination card.
  • KITTEN BAG OF GOODIES to include:
  • a cuddle blanket that smells if their Mammy Cat
  • toys
  • dietary sheet and raw food recipe 
  • kitten care / safety information sheet and petplan kitten guide
  • free kitten food samples 
  • A signed 4 Generation Pedigree
  • kitten contract signed by the vendor and purchaser. 
  • All kittens leave with 4 weeks free instant pet plan insurance activated on the day of your kitten leaving us..a voucher with the instant kitten policy number is provided.

Kittens can be reserved from our cattery by payment of  a £250 non – refundable holding deposit and a visit to our cattery on at least one occasion prior to the kitten leaving us. The deposit is taken in good faith and maybe refunded in full if we are no longer able to sell the desired kitten to you. Normally, another kitten can be offered to the purchaser if one is available at the time or one from a later litter whereby the client becomes priority for a kitten.

A copy of the kittens pedigree will be offered for perusal at the time of viewing. A signed copy of the kitten pedigree will be provided to the kitten purchaser on completion of the kitten sale. 

Our breeding queens are only allowed to have one litter per year and therefore sometimes there may be a waiting list for kittens from us.


Please Note: Available neutered, older cats e.g ex- breeding cats (above the age of 9 months of age) will leave the following :

  • fully up to date vaccinations and and precautionary parasitic treatments based on the recommendation from vets on a final visit to them, prior to being homed.
  • Sample of their food
  • 4 Generation pedigree.
  • Cat contract signed by the vendor and purchaser.
  • the registration transfer of ownership documentation indicating the authenticity of my Siberian cats.
Please take a look at this informative link as to why we leave our kittens go at 13 weeks of age http://www.breedlist.com/faq/young.html


Only available kittens or cats will be shown on this website page.

General Information for cat allergy sufferers

Some people have an allergy to cats but can tolerate a Siberian cat or kitten. This is because the main cat protein allergen causing the allergy, FELd1, is found at lower levels in Siberian cats and a few other cat breeds, like the Rex – type cats.

We cannot account for the rarer FELd4 allergen with our cats and kittens.

Siberian Cat Wales offer an enhanced allergy sitting service which is conducted at my home. Allergy sittings are conducted in a specially prepared room. A purebred Siberian cat or kitten is introduced to the allergy sufferer, in a calm and relaxed manner for up to one hour. No other cats will be present at the sitting. This allergy sitting test will confirm if an allergy sufferer will be able to tolerate the presence of a pure bred Siberian cat or kitten.

Siberian Cat Wales provides a very controlled sitting to ensure that allergy sufferers get the best chance of tolerating a Siberian Cat or kitten.

Here, I have a 95% success rate in our sittings and on those very, very rare occassions whereby the allergy sitting fails it is normally due to the clients having an overloaded immune system due to other allergies they possess.

I do not treat our kittens with allergen denaturers or chemicals to influence the test results.

You will be asked to sign a disclaimer prior to entering the allergy test. I am happy for the allergy sufferer to sit with a cat or kitten for up to one hour, maximum. Tea and coffee and light refreshments are provided in the allergy sitting room for all clients.

Allergy sittings will be conducted with a maximum if 2 persons per sitting.  





Download Disclaimer 


Please note:  All kittens that  leave to Allergy homes, the new owners will be required to sign a our Allergy disclaimer form which can be downloaded by clicking the blue 'DISCLAIMER' button above. 

We are happy to offer allergy testing with our siberian kittens. If a kitten is taken to their new home after any allergy sitting has been conducted, and the new owners have a delayed reaction to the kitten, the kitten must be returned to us as soon as possible and within 14 days of homing, unless it is agreed that the kitten is rehomed to a suitable home elsewhere.

Please note that under these circumstances any deposits to reserve the kitten and the purchase fee paid to us will not be refundable to the vendor of of the said kitten.

We accept no liability if there is a Failure to disclose any known cat allergies from the vendor or vendors family prior to the kitten being homed by them.

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Posted on: Nov 16, 2015

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Posted: Nov 6, 2015

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I would like to thank Laura so much for giving us the opportunity of owning such a precious addition to our family, our wonderful Myfi. I have had cats all my life including breeds such as Persian,Birman and Bengal as well as moggies and have loved them all.However,never did I realise there was such a loving , intelligent and loyal breed as a Siberian. From the first time we were in contact with Laura she has been so knowledgeable and helpful and even now,months down the line, I know I can contact her any time for advice or even a chat . Myfi came from such a good home with Laura and had the very best start in life , she is such a lovely natured cat. I wouldn't hesitate to have another Siberian from Laura. Thank you again Laura for our little girl Myfi .

Lynne and Sian (Myfi, Chi Chi and Rocky) , Groesfen, South Wales.

I first spoke to Laura when I telephoned her to make enquiries about my husband Peter and I having one of her kittens. Laura was very helpful, extremely friendly but professional too. Her "cat knowledge" is amazing! I could tell just by talking to her on the phone how much she cared about her cats and kittens. This obviously isn't just a job for her.....she loves it and it shows. We visited Laura in October 2014 and I knew straight away that my first impression was correct. Just watching her with her cats and kittens of various ages I could see just how much she cares and loves each and every one as individuals. Laura answered all our questions and gave us lots of information and helpful tips for the future.....and she still does! Bless her, even now, she is always at the end of a phone, text or email if I have a query. We were lucky enough to be able to pick a beautiful girl kitten who we named Poppy. From the moment she was reserved, Laura sent us weekly updates and lots of lovely pictures so we could follow Poppy's progress. In January 2015, when Poppy was 13 weeks old we brought her home. She is such a beautiful, sweet, loving girl. A bundle of fun who loves a lap to nap on and regular cuddles. You can see she has been given the best start in life. She is a credit to Laura!! And a big thank you also to Laura's children who regularly cuddled and played with Poppy which I believe, helped give her such a sweet nature.

Susan,Peter and POPPY Jones. North London.

Having a bad allergy to cats for all of his life, my husband and I thought that owning a cat would be completely out of the question. When we heard about Siberian Cat Wales, we contacted Laura. She was always quick to reply, friendly and very informative. We met Martha for an allergy sitting and fell in love with her. We were unsure if Nick was allergic to her or not due to it being hay-fever season, but Laura was so helpful and recommended and arranged other tests to determine if he was allergic or not. Luckily he wasn't! Since we've had Martha at home Nick hasn't had any allergic reactions at all. Neither have two members or his family who also usually suffer from bad allergic reactions to cats. Martha has made our house a home and she is absolutely adorable. So affectionate and friendly and we are adamant that this is due to how well she was brought up for the first few months of her life. We can't imagine life without her now and we would definitely recommend Siberian Cat Wales to anyone who thought that owning a kitten was not possible due to having an allergy (or anyone who just wants a well looked after and friendly kitten!)

Kate, Nick and Martha Boxall, Yorkshire

Laura is a very honest, professional and caring person and you can see the love she has for her cats. It is obvious that she has a genuine passion for what she does and her extensive knowledge proves this along with the affection and environment she provides for her cats. It is really lovely to see someone care as much as you would for your own animal. Having had Yuri for some time now I can honestly say that he is so true to the ‘traits’ of the breed that you can see he comes from very good lines. He is picture perfect to the breed and you can tell he has been brought up in a loving environment by his personality and behaviour towards me and my family, even people he meets for the first time. Laura has been a pleasure to deal with, both approachable and supportive which is exactly what you want from a professional breeder.

Kay,Alan and YURI Thorndyke (Ogmore Vale, South Wales, UK)

We had spent a whole year visiting cat shows, talking to breeders, researching the different breeds and learning their ways. Among all of the people we met along the way, Laura stood out as the most sincere and caring by far. Her kittens are cosseted and loved from the moment they are born and are only allowed to be homed with people who have been vetted by Laura! Thankfully, Laura allowed us to adopt two of her boys, Freddie and Bertie who have transformed our house into a home with their boundless energy and mischievous ways. We were thrilled when Laura asked us to also adopt Ruby, Freddie and Bertie’s mama, who is helping us to keep them in order.

Before we reached a decision Laura invited us to visit her and to see the kittens in her home; this visit convinced us in every way possible that we could never find a more stable and loving environment for kittens to be born into. Laura is professional in every aspect of cat breeding with the added – and unique - extra touch of loving every one of her cats and kittens. We know that we are not on our own if we should need advice or guidance. Any e-mail query about the kittens care or diet etc; Laura answers quickly and positively. If you are searching for a kitten from a good home you need look no further than Laura.

Margot and Peter Webb (Solihull, West Midlands, UK)

Laura has entrusted me with two of her wonderful kittens and I am now the proud owner of Cumin and Star Anise! It took me some time to look through the breed and to find breeders and I could not be happier for my decision to choose Laura for adopting them.

Laura has been great throughout the whole process. What I liked the most is that you can tell that she is not a professional breeder (although extremely professional in all her dealings) and that she genuinely cares for her babies and the homes they will end up in. The cattery and her place were very clean and tidy and all kittens were beautiful, well socialised and happy. From the moment I chose the two kittens she kept sending me updates and pictures to let me know of how they are doing. In addition, she is very helpful with any questions and always responds back with useful information and advice. I have already started to consider of getting another kitten and I would definitely go back to Laura!

Valmina Prezzani (Maida Vale, London, UK)

After an extensive search through various breeders and cats I am now the very proud owner of Arti my new baby! He is absolutely perfect and more than what I could have wished for! Laura is a fantastic breeder and recommended Arti would be perfect for me and she was right! I have no doubt that he is only so perfect due to the love and care he received from Laura and her family! I will definitely be returning to get Arti a little brother! Full credit really must go to Laura and her family all kittens and cats at her home were very well kept and all very beautiful! I'm so glad I chose to have a kitten from her than any of the other breeders I had researched over the months! Thank you so much Laura and family for allowing me to have Arti in my life! I will keep in touch with pictures of him growing up x

Jordan Jones (Blackwood, Gwent, UK)

Having had the experience of buying 5 kittens throughout my life from 5 different professional breeders I can honestly say that our experience with Laura has been so fantastic and so much better than all previous breeder relationships. She has been happy to advise us, she truly cares for her cats and kittens and is more concerned with matching her kittens to the right homes than with the commercial side of things. As a consequence our kitten "Sol" is incredibly confident, well socialised and has clearly benefitted from his wonderful start in life. Laura is keen to keep up with our little boy...and we can't wait to show her that she chose the right home for him with us. Laura is an absolutely brilliant breeder and the whole experience of dealing with her has been fabulous.

Bev, Simon and Rhys...xx (SW London, UK)

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